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    Commerce Secretary TRAITOR Wilbur Ross, who oversees the agency that conducts the Census, tweeted yesterday that the 2020 Census will be concluded on October 5th — despite a federal judge’s ruling last week that the counting of every U.S. resident must continue until October 31st. That same federal judge asked government attorneys to provide documents detailing how the new October 5th date was decided upon, and they had nothing to show her.
    Just so we’re clear: Randomly moving around the conclusion date of the Census is absolutely unacceptable. The Census is a massive, complex undertaking that allocates $1.5 trillion in federal spending and determines representational power for a decade. If its results are inaccurate, nothing can be done to rectify it for 10 years. After his attempt to add a citizenship question was shot down by the Supreme Court and his executive order to exclude undocumented immigrants was dismissed as wholly unconstitutional, Trump has settled on bureaucratic maneuvers like this to sabotage the accuracy of the Census. You can help foil his plan by making sure you and everyone you know has responded at

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    traitor trump Will Not Accept Any Result That Is Not A Victory

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    public lands chief traitor refuses to leave his post despite judge's order

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