Was browsing through the iTunes store and I came across a TV series called Counterpart. The two things that caught my eye was it stared J.K. Simmons and the series is about another parallel Earth.

I picked up the first season and I am currently watching it but it is more a spy/thriller than a scifi series.

After watching four episodes the following things became known:
  • In 1987 something in Berlin that created another Earth.
  • To travel between the Earths you go through a passage under a building (that is existing on both Earths).
  • There is a civil service on both sides that regulates travel and trade between the Earths.
  • The existence of the either Earth is not known to their general public.
  • The other Earth has the better liquor (I think it is Tequila or maybe Vodka), cleaner oceans, cigarettes are banned and no longer exist, has suffered a pandemic but has better medical research. Also they don't do genetic modifications on their fruits and vegetables.

The series deals with some sort of conspiracy going on at some upper level of the civil service.