we now head down a rabbit hole which has an expected course but is necessary if we are to continue pretending we're a democracy and have a chance to annul this fraudulent admin. by Wednesday the gloves will be off for the whiners of the traitor right as they furiously flail to distract, dispute, deride, and derail these Constitutionally ordained American judicial proceedings far beyond their amateur shenanigans in The House. but two things they'll continue to deny is a defense for a lick of this whole shit show or any testimony from traitors trump, Pence, Pompeo, Bolton, trump Jr., Mulvaney, trudy, or their subs, none of the top players with all the answers and guilt but 0 balls or Patriotism will make a peep.
it's still a question if Moscow Mitch will orchestrate a clown coup when / if this goes before The Senate, those cowed assholes are ready to toss their toxic boss.