Karen, I won't take the time to research your "drumroll" statistics for accuracy Whatever the presidents higher polling is, just shows that there will always be a number of supposedly patriotic Americans who
  1. condone and support cheating ( whether in sports, tax returns, elections, etc.)
  2. are so deplorably gullible they will believe any lie, believe anything they read on social media and the Internet (like personal blogs)
  3. are willing to ignore and abandon the US Constitution
  4. would sacrifice their democracy to sell their soul to the devil

Yes, there are somewhere in the 40% range of Americans who are willing to do this right now. I am personally discouraged about the direction of our country right now. I am personally discouraged about people who celebrate and promote this trend and flaw in our society.

I don't recognize anymore, the country that has been so good to me and my wife (the offspring of immigrants who made this Country a better place) and where I have spent virtually all my life.

So Karen, you celebrate that, in your opinion, you are "winning" right now. That's fine until you come to realize that your "winning" will result in your "losing' in the long run, as other democratic societies have learned throughout history. So beat your drum, bang your cymbals, and let the band play on in what is a death dirge for democracy. There is nothing like naivete to numb reality.

Truly discouraging.

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Well, well....the day before historic impeachment vote, our fantastic president that we are blessed to have in office is, drumroll please...

*Higher in Gallup presidential polling than Barry, Commie Obammie I like to call him, at the subversive communist's exact time in his reign!*

HOW? How after all of this three year soft coup and impeachment ploy by subversives in DC, can this be?!

I know.....do you?