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Thread: "1917" (2019) directed by Sam Mendez

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    Default "1917" (2019) directed by Sam Mendez

    "...a singular cinematic experience that was so intense, so visceral, so relentless, I was wrung out and speechless when the credits rolled. And while that sounds like something potentially bad, it was also beautiful, so beautiful."

    My review:

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    Default Re: "1917" (2019) directed by Sam Mendez

    Is the movie too realistic with bullets whizzing by and killing soldiers on the big screen? I thought Saving Private Ryan was a hard watch for that reason.

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    Default Re: "1917" (2019) directed by Sam Mendez

    Saw the movie 1917 at the Ward Theater, this afternoon (1/19/20) in one of their big screens. It was lightly attended.

    The movie takes place in early April 1917 somewhere in France and is about two British lance corporals who is sent by a general to tell a colonel to not attack a position due to the fact that colonel's forces are about to ambushed by the Germans. One of the lance corporals has an elder brother in the colonel's force. The general figures it was best to send a couple of runners to deliver the message as opposed to getting a larger force that would attract the enemy to stop them.

    And of course the enemy as cut communication lines between the general and the colonel.

    What is unique in this movie is that from the time the lance corporals were summoned to about half way thru the movie there was no scene cuts.

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    Default Re: "1917" (2019) directed by Sam Mendez

    Is the movie seem more realistic if it's filmed in color or black and white?

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    Default Re: "1917" (2019) directed by Sam Mendez

    In response to Walkoff's 1/12 post, it is the very reason I liked Saving Private Ryan. On the beach landing, the German 7.92mm rounds whizzing all around felt the most realistic than just a bystander watching a movie. I thought it was a genius directing decision.

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