Not much new about the lately.
Wonder if the cover-up is in the works.
queen kat is done, but she might be spilling her guts, naming names, to get a lighter prison time.
louie, the gut less seems to have cut the cord. But it's probably just for show.
kanashiro might just get away with it. Seems nothing is happening with him.
And the damacrats are not saying anything.
Makes you wonder why that is.
I kind of hope all of them name names.
Maybe we can get a start on cleaning out all the rubbish in gooberment.
What's strange is the two idiots who know about the mail box, not spilling their guts.
Nothing left for them to protect.
I would think they would want to say anything to keep out of prison.
loui and kat claim to be broke.
I wonder where they hid the money.
Fake accounts, kids, family, friends?????
What about the money loui is suppose to return????