Why is it no one noticed that since they passed the pot law, violent crime has gone up?????
Homeless has also gone up.
What happened to the war on drugs?????
Used to be lots of public service spots about the evils of drugs.
Programs in the schools.
Big rallies all over the island.
Now nothing.
Did they just give up on the war on drugs????
I'm thinking the war on drugs is bad for votes.
politicians support anything that will get them votes, so it just works against them to support the war on drugs.
Notice the damacrats, said nothing about the war on drugs in this new year?????
Why do you think that is????
Could it be because it's bad for votes????
The problem with a majority of the homeless is drugs.
Most of the time, both parents(?) have no job because of drugs.
No job, no money, no home for the kids.
They go out an rob, steal, deal, trick, for money or drugs.
Kids see it, and see it's the way life is.
Attack drugs, and crime will go down.
So homeless will go down.
Giving them everything for free, is not helping them.
Most of the time, they just sell it for drugs.