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Thread: Crime

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    They should be awarded with a voucher that can only be use for education.

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    How many times I hear that we need more lawyers and less cops?

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    What? I thought it would be free.

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    Is this a scene from "The Purge:Waikiki?"

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    A precedent is set already to disrespect the police.

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    Their elders will have to control their young men not to make shame for the community. No can say that they no like listen. Make um listen.

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    Lawyer Eric Seitz is in "Da plenty spin zone."

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    He is tough because he didn't use a weapon.

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    HPD To Increase foot Patrols 24/7 To Improve Safety In Chinatown

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    When it comes to Louis and Katherine Kealoha, the local unethical king and queen, our unethical Honolulu Ethics Commission has moved on when it comes to doing their job for the people of Hawaii

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    He got the 50K bail money from sugar mamas.

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    Sadly, this sounds like an episode of Dateline or 48 Hours.

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    What's the deal with disrespecting Hawaii's culture by touching Hawaiian Monk Seals and taking undersize Opihi?

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    Former death row inmate and his accomplice up for sentencing soon in brutal Waikiki robbery

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    Hawaii officials wrongly arrested a homeless man, Joshua Spriestersbach for a crime committed by Thomas Castleberry, locked him up in a state mental hospital for more than two years, forced him to take psychiatric drugs, and then tried to cover up the mistake by quietly setting him free with just 50 cents to his name

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    Woman who allegedly drove over 19-year-old near Ala Moana faces murder charge | Honolulu Star-Advertiser (

    She looks like a hothead attractive woman who always got her way. Now, she's going to spend her attractive years behind bars.

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    He's supposed to be a 37 years old man.

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    The cost of this should be passed on to the prosecuting attorney.

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    review of public police disciplinary cases found clear cases of officer dishonesty that did not lead to inclusion on the “Brady list” maintained by Prosecuting Attorney Steve Alm

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    Wasn't he in the rock band The Foo Fighters?

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