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Thread: Crime

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    Default Re: Masks on Five-O

    Uncle Tom alert! This action hurts the BLM movement. This guy sold out to get paid by supremacists. The supremacists know to have the fall guy do the crime in public and the BLM would not say anything because the perp is a man of color.
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    Police: Man on subway spat at woman, yelled anti-Asian slurs (

    Silence is Violence. Why doesn't the top group for "Equality" not saying anything? When all of the minority groups aren't equal, then they can't use the slogan of "Equality" Because the slogan becomes horsefeathers.

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    The doorman's name is Sgt. Schultz.

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    It's rap music and the cancel culture's fault for teen violence.

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    Normally, people have their two small kids as their top priority instead of going into stranger's homes without permission and fighting the cops.

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    Some people are so mad at the Chauvin's verdict that they will violently attack older Asian Americans. They are either white supremist or Uncle Toms.

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    I'm solutions oriented. The perps can live with those protesters who want to defund the police. Studies show that this would work.

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    Misunderstanding is like holding in football. You can call "misunderstanding" on every play when cops confront a perp.

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    Somebody wanted to cancel their culture of wearing masks.

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    We gotta say
    I, I, I, I, I, I
    Ain't gonna play sun city
    Oh, no, no, no
    I, I, I, I, I, I
    I ain't gonna play sun city
    Everybody say
    I, I, I, I, I, I
    Ain't gonna play sun city
    No, no, baby

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    It hurts when I do this. Then, don't do that.
    It hurts when stereotyped as being criminals. Then, don't do criminal acts.

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    Another one who thinks that the 2020 presidential election was illegal.

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    I've seen enough suspense thriller movies where there's a cahoots between the shooter and the person who setup the victim for insurance money in a twist ending.

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    That selfish buggah made it hard for the other homeless living in that area. Businesses in the area are gonna pressure law enforcement to move the homeless out to make it safe for customers.

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    Crime does pay. They're the new instant millionaires. Suing the city after a police chase after committing a crime is their job path. They call taxpayers, "suckers."

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    It's a crime family movie where one family member is the scapegoat and goes to prison. So that the rest of the crime family can remain free and keep the benefits of the crimes.

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    The precedent was set already where you or your family can make money even when the umpire strikes back after committing a crime. Why do you rob banks? Because that's where the money is. Why do you confront the police? Because that's where the money is.

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    Those two buggahs were probably Green Bay Packers fans who were mad at Aaron Rodgers, and took it all at Miles Teller.

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    Where's your "Defund the Police" now? Yeah, see.

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    Are you saying that a mass protest by the ethnicity of the perp is complete when the perp is shot by the police? What could go wrong with more violence from a mass gathering?

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