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    They could've used the two thousand dollars to laminate those fake vaccination cards.

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    Why only two thousand dollars bail? It has to be a fine to the max of five thousand dollars.

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    The mask will make you run not as fast.

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    Two trailer park guys go round the outside, round the outside the rules.

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    The restaurant hostess thinks that one vs. three is a perfect time to use a racial slur. The second explanation is Texas Privilege. Nobody says no to a Texan. Or the perp just bull lie.

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    14-year-old boy paralyzed in a car crash caused by a high-speed police pursuit. one of the officers involved has a “long history” with Perkins-Sinapati. “We’re going to show a relationship between him and the driver that goes back years — the policeman, the driver and his family,” attorney Green said. “There’s been a vendetta going back for years. This particular morning was payback.”

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    Passengers should sue that buggah and then garnish his wages.

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    bad cop Chester Desiderio faced not much administrative action for Facebook lies he made about former Sen. Will Espero
    thin blue line freak Falsely Accused the Former State Senator Of Being At Massage Parlor Raid

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    dangerous Waikiki is not getting it's moneys worth in this official HPD scam

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    One of the perps' description is 5 foot 6 inches, and 140 lbs. You do the stereotype.

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    That coward saved taxpayers money on a trial.

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