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Thread: Coronavirus

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    lolol at best he'd put a tiny mask on his big fat ass

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    Anarchy in the H.I

    Anarchy for the H.I
    It's coming sometime and maybe
    I give a wrong time, stop a traffic line
    Your future dream has sure been seen through
    'Cause I want to be anarchy

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    Living in a vacation rental area is a choice. You hear the word "choice" a lot during a press conference on re-opening. How many are "Not in My Neighborhood" kind of people? Guilty, guilty in the first degree.

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    traitor Jared cares about the stock market, not your lives

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    The visitor looks in the dugout for the sign by the manager. The first sign is an open hand meaning to stop. The second sign is hidden fingers to come over. The second sign was the real sign for the visitor by our manager.

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    why didn't you do jack shit for 3yrs to refill med supply stockpiles? ''well, uhh, cos I wanted to blame Obama, cos, uhh, you know ...uhh, Obamagate''
    “Well, to be honest, I have a lot things going on,” Trump responded in a quick break from hours of rage tweeting on his way to another day of golf. then he lied a yuge whopper “We had a lot of people that refused to allow the country to be successful. They wasted a lot of time on Russia, Russia, Russia that turned out to be a total hoax. And then they did Ukraine, Ukraine, and that was a total hoax. Then they impeached the president of the United States for absolutely no reason.”
    the dam is cracking
    liar liar, fat lazy traitor ass on fire
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    but of course the traitor KKKunt did
    but of course the traitor punKKK did
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    Another month bites the dust. Another month bites the dust.

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    There's been a trade with New York. New York gets your tired, poor and huddled masses. We get their quarantine violators from the Big Apple. Is it safe to take a bite out of the Big Apple? Do you trade with a city that traded NY for 24 dollars to the Native Americans?

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    if you're dead and got a stim check you need to send it back!
    it always takes death to wake up a righty

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    Playing in the street, gonna be a big star someday
    You got germs on your face, you big disgrace
    Kicking your okole all over the place.

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    That vacation rental wins a free audit by the I.R.S. Do you rent to someone with an "Also Known As" name?

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    ri$king all live$ for fun and profit cos... fear!, my rights! freedom!
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