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    Be prepared! The death toll keeps rising in China.

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    This man is a hero. At the same time, this is scary news.

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    It's going to be stressful days ahead worrying about how much the Coronavirus has spread here. These are small and isolated islands.

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    Does this approach sound too non pro-active?

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    Found out tonight that a friend has been sick in bed for the last week.
    He works in waikiki.
    Lots of contact with tourist from china.
    Worried about him.
    We should net believe everything the gooberment tells us.
    Majority of the time all they do is hide the facts.
    I would not got to waikiki, ala moana, china town, any place where with lots of tourist from china stay.
    To me, they should stop all travel to and from Asia, until they really know what to look for, and have a vaccine.
    Once one person gets it it will spread like wild fire.
    Of course the rich and gooberment will get the best of care.
    The rest of us are just not that important enough.
    With all the homeless who will catch it, the whole island will catch it in no time.

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    Isn't this dangerous to give the public a false sense of security?

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