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Thread: Coronavirus

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    traitor trump's panic as his poll numbers drop and virus deaths hit 100K (he orders under-reports #s )

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    Neil Cavuto on Fox News told viewers in no uncertain terms they shouldn’t follow the president’s advice. hydroxychloroquine ''I cannot stress this enough: This will kill you.”

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    He followed the "Stay at Somebody's Else Home" policy. Being a quarantine violator will be his legacy, unless he accomplish something better when you google his name.

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    where'd $500BILLION in relief go? better check traitor trump's pockets
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I dunno

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    never eradicated and out of control
    will St. Peter or Satan welcome the denier Priest?
    CDC shift on surfaces
    integrity, honesty, safety, and scientist fired in Floriduh
    the cut n paster-in-chief

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    The day before Trump claimed he was taking hydroxychloroquine, Sharyl Attkisson touted the drug on Sinclair stations nationwide
    Ken Fisher
    I'm a genocidal traitor but you're rude
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    traitor trump to override safer / saner States cos 200K deaths by Nov. is MAGA BABY!

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    She's 31 years old. At least, they didn't list her weight.

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    mass graves nation-wide thx to criminal negligence in Office is his ''badge of honor''
    don't blame him, it's only ''my decision to make''

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    only the be$t ineffective ma$k cleaner$
    the traitor Pentagon planned to hide ugly truths of reignition
    traitor trump jeers dying businesses thx to PPP betrayals
    traitor trump wants more unemployment, homelessness, and death

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    actually helping small businesses survive the economic pandemic, it's like Magic

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    Na na na boo boo. Catch me if you can!

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    ''nope, I'm fine with your entire family dying from my shithiliness, wouldn't change a thing''

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    will they blame their preferred God or everybody else if more people die?
    current score card

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    They have a plan. It's Plan 9 from Outer Space.

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    traitor Mitch yoinks life-saving aid increases for the massive unemployed ranks
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    will churches stay safe and obey the law?
    will lawbreaking pastors be held liable?
    Hawaii reopens and just like that we have at least 4 new cases after flatting
    traitor trump muzzles the CDC as he panics
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