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    250 new cases in HI daily and almost nobody wears a mask now WOOHOO!

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    Ige is the worst Gov. we've had
    Hawaii Relaxes Outdoor Mask Rules

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    Hawaii's extensive entry requirements should be a cinch but suck?

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    U.S. Supreme Court rejects request from church in Maine to prevent State from re-imposing Covid restrictions

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    Hawaii Reports 655 Coronavirus Cases, A New Single-Day Record

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    'urgy' Ige urges everyone to behave so he doesn't have to behave like a leader

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    C-19 vs the Polio epidemic of the 1950s.
    The parallels and differences to today were startling. Polio (now almost eradicated completely except in isolated areas in Africa and the Middle East) is a disease that is asymptomatic for about 75%-95% of the population. Of those whom have the virus enter the blood stream, the symptoms were generally nuisances. However, for 1% of the population the virus attacked the nervous system crippling, mostly children, and killing some. In the context of today's pandemic it wasn't many, (around 6,000 in 1955 at the height of epidemic), but enough to alarm parents and population as a whole.
    During that time the American public willfully self quarantined. Sports were cancelled, popular amps were cancelled, and people complied for the safety of communities. In fact so many kids were home Mr. Potato head was invented as a home distraction. Keep in mind Polio is transmitted via mucus and fecal matter NOT as aerosol such as COVID-19.
    In a rush to find a vaccine they first conducted a national vaccination using an untested vaccine that they thought would work. While several thousand were safely immunized, about 200 children died as a result. It was a set back. However, parents were undeterred and the country pulled together to save children. Enter most famously Jonas Salk who (and others) developed a successful vaccine. To fund the research FDR started a non-profit that was later to become the March of Dimes. Dr. Salk's work was almost entirely funded by March of Dimes. That's right...public donations...people with little funds sending any 'dimes' they could spare for the betterment of the country. Dr. Salk in his generosity refused to patent the vaccine saying “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?” He gave it as a gift to the world's children...returning the generosity of the public's support.
    Imagine if our country reacted with the same altruism to COVID-19 as we did 70 years ago to Polio? As of today we have a 164,000 deaths from the disease. At the height of the Polio epidemic (1952) there was 3,145 deaths and 21,269 were left with mild to disabling paralysis.

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    HI’s top health official warns the state is heading toward disaster, However, No New Restrictions As State Hits Record 1,167 COVID Cases

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    If you test positive for COVID but get an monoclonal antibody treatment infusion early before you need to be hospitalized it can reduce your chance of having to be hospitalized by 80 percent[0]=AT3zMpe2CdZds_HEuB8Gm46AEoYGlLGVJ-5Pss8yI_S0KJItvISiRV5YDI_bTNPRg69u9fXk2Er9orF5xv2b tOgP0j1C2sh54C0foWLBKJCIIQrJ2S7k176gAtSLSB05erdSUG Nv-r_5A8rtmx0mhWWbMa_DB6I1zQx-dxlQSUHFVzpsObAsyS4ci918Nljq2QbK7rVMAcfd5dg

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    clean New Zealand Is Locking Down The Entire Nation After Finding A Single Coronavirus Case

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    Hawaii Hospitals Delay Non-Emergency Procedures As Pandemic Worsens
    I bet our worthless politicians can get quick care no problem

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    This is not a “tent” set up in the parking deck of my hometown hospital for people who refused the Covid vaccine. It’s an “external care facility” set up in the parking deck of my hometown hospital for people who refused the Covid vaccine.
    “Tent” sounds too apocalyptic — the hospital wants to avoid upsetting people. The same reason the government asks us to be real sweet to anti-vaxxers and handle them with kid-gloves and not call out obvious ignorance.
    Inglorious ignorance.
    Old-line preachers knew a sure-shout was on the way at the end of any sentence that began with, “I may not have much education, but…..”
    It was an understandable concept in Pentecostal circles where many were poor sharecroppers or millworkers without so much as a high school education. It was a way of surviving in a world that had passed them by, through no fault of their own.
    Over time, the humility of the old-timers gave way to defiant pride, feelings of superiority, elitism based squarely on being uneducated.
    They revel in ignorance, vilifying education, believing they know more than people with advanced degrees.
    This is what leads people to reject the medical science of a vaccination that has provisional FDA approval and opt for the fish tank cleaner Chloroquine and horse dewormer Ivermectin which have no FDA approval.
    With my parents around the dinner table we reminisced about the many incidents over the years where a premium was placed on ignorance, so much so, that people who knew better, pretended they didn’t.
    Daddy’s Bachelor’s and Doctor of Pharmacy and Mom’s Bachelor’s and Master’s and Specialist in Education and my Bachelor’s and Doctor of Jurisprudence — but we’re the fully-vaccinated mask-wearing “sheep” who can’t “think for ourselves” or “do our own research.”
    When surging vaX rates led to falling virus rates back in the early summer, the hospital dismantled the makeshift tent-wing in the parking deck.
    Last night, like Oral Roberts getting ready for a healing service in a tent revival in the 1950s, the hospital finished reassembling the tent and stocked it with beds and the latest breathing-assistance machines to be rammed down the throats of those who thought a mask was too uncomfortable to wear.
    They now await the army of nurses and respiratory therapists they just requested from the federal government.
    And two counties away in the Wellstar Health System which includes Wellstar Douglas, Wellstar Cobb, Wellstar Paulding, Wellstar Kennestone, Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, there are 600 patients being treated for Covid, with 550 of them like the five foolish virgins whose oil ran out before the bridegroom arrived — they were all either unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated.
    These aren’t places I’ve just read about. I’ve been a guest of both Wellstar Douglas and Wellstar Kennestone this year. Three years ago, I was a guest at Wellstar Cobb. Today, Wellstar Cobb brought in a refrigerated 18-wheeler to idle in the parking lot on a generator as a makeshift morgue to accommodate the patients who were “vaccinated by Jesus” and relied on “natural immunity.”
    These and other articles skip some important information: Hospitals are starting to put those tents back up but frequently don't have the staff they need. Nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, physical therapists (if you don't move the joints and muscles, they'll atrophy), cleaners, techs, labs techs, pharmacists - they're overworked and discouraged, some more than others. Quite a few are leaving the bedside years or even decades before they planned. So, those tents may never have enough people to man them. And that means inferior care for those lucky (?) enough to get a bed.
    Last edited by Ron Whitfield; August 22nd, 2021 at 06:16 PM.

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    Pfizer's COVID Vaccine Gets Full Approval From The FDA

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    Maui County psycho traitor Dr. Lorrin Pang who promotes idiotic alternative drugs to treat Covid-19 SHOULD BE IN PRISON

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    It's like those true crime shows where the killer lives in the house.

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    Chris Wikoff organized a HI group opposing COVID-19 vaccines and mandates then contracted the disease and regrets it

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    like they told us last year they're going to make us live and die with the virus they let run wild

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