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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Here in my car
    I feel safest of all
    I can lock all my doors
    It's the only way to live in cars

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    traitor trump keeps making even dumb dubya look like a real genius

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    bye bye Fauci and those pesky inconvenient truths
    2nd round of stim relief won't be til July at best thx to Mitch the bitch

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    a 2nd $tim? you're getting the big FUCK YOU! from the FUCK YOU! party

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    There's one comment about her being turned in by a snitch. She snitched on herself by posting on social media.

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    There's a chance. But, what are the odds?

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    another photo op at the expense of the lives he hates? SURE THING!

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    everywhere they reopen they reinfect the masses of mostly red State asses
    traitor trump sez the vaccine doses are "ready to go" soon as scientists figure out: 1) Is it effective; and 2) Is it safe. woohoo
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    Michigan Supreme Court AOKs doing whatever the fuck you want

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