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Thread: Coronavirus

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    To No One’s Surprise, More Coronavirus Outbreaks Are Traced Back to Churches cos they believe in God more than a virus that doesn't care about their God

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    traitor trump's lie-filled world of desperation, hate, and delusion
    8 new cases in HI
    traitor Johnson thrilled only 3.4 of the US will die
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    Unless there's a law against being an A-hole for not using a mask. A-holes have rights.

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    KKKudlow culpable in deaths of thousands
    lil sHitler is still in his bunKKKer?
    who's gonna get poked?
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    freedummies celebrate Nat. No Mask Day cos 'merica!

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    Gov. ghoul says Florida Is 'God's Waiting Room' For Dying Seniors At COVID-19 Briefing

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    coronavirus has made chumps out of traitor governors coast-to-coast
    traitor Sheriff Who Refused To Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown Tests Positive At White House

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    What's the difference between anti-science people and Trump supporters?

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    He didn't break the quarantine law. He's lives in Kailua.

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    traitor DeSantis feeds the deplorables
    lolol don't blame the virus, or a few protesters, or some GOTCHA! pranksters, or the weather... c'mon! the brainless are fearless!

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    I guess those quarantine breakers were test cases to see if an outbreak would occur. The quarantine rules are impossible to enforce unless they were in one building. It provided data. Few were arrested and made public to make the masses happy that the quarantine rules were enforced.

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    Come on people. We gotta raise our infection rates. How about recruiting more infections outside of the state?

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    shutting down testing as he lies about not saying to stop testing

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    How popular is this guy on Tinder?

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