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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Pharmaceutical giants have added $51 billion to their market value in 2020 as they scramble to develop a coronavirus vaccine
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    There's an announcement from inside The Bus to stay at home when you're sick.

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    oh look, they found another way to fuck ya a$ap
    not a problem, KKKhristian asshole, we got ya covered
    LA beaches reclosing
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    just like here in HI we're losing the battle nationally thx to assholes

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    prison explosion no surprise
    traitor Rand sez fuck the experts
    psycho KKKhristian pastor called them out BY NAME!
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    Federal government runs out of free face masks, TSA also faces shortage cos MAGA BABY!!
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    Gov. Orders Los Angeles and 18 More Counties to Close Theaters for 3 more Weeks

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    OOPS! Coronavirus sickens Maryland ‘reopen’ protest organizer Tim Walters
    ''We stand with our cofounder Tim Walters, who has been unfairly and inaccurately attacked by the media, singled out by the governor, and targeted along with his family on social media, over his recent COVID-19 diagnosis. If *you* are concerned about the way Tim has been targeted and harassed for standing up for Marylanders' civil rights.'' meanwhile, listen to lunatic traitor Walters;
    he is refusing to cooperate with Maryland contact tracers by providing any personal information that could help them contain the virus. "I will not share anybody's information with the government. I will not do it," "No one ever got sick at any of our rallies, to include me. Start a church, and I get sick," said Walters. "I got it because Satan deemed to get it. Because he wanted to quiet my work, to slow down the building of a church. That's what this is about. But the world won't see that. Why? Because they live behind a veil. They choose to hate God."

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    lolo; local candidate running for public office claims he's exempt from quarantine, falsely arrested
    traitor Gov. Patrick don't need him no mo Fauci
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    traitor trump hoarding cure but will anyone get any and at what costs?
    asshole American Airlines CEO Says Social Distancing Not Possible cos $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    10-person brawl broke out at an Arkansas restaurant after people fought over social distancing guidelines
    Enormous vulnerability for Online shoppers, $millions lost to fraud during lockdown
    grifter traitor Mitch the bitch sez you've had enuf money
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    Floriduh traitor Defends No Lockdown as State Shatters Coronavirus Record With Over 10K New Cases
    JULY 2: 20 New COVID-19 Cases In Hawaii

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    Parents can be fined for not returning children to school in September
    TRAITOR TRUMPTARDS ARE BEYOND STUPID; Sen. Scott on COVID-19 surge in Florida: We can beat this without the government taking away our rights

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    WTF? but if you’re at the gym and breathing hard you’re not required to wear a mask?????????????????????????
    this is why traitor trump hates tracing
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    Rockland County, New York Party Guests Won't Talk After 9 Test Positive. Now They Face Subpoenas

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    After ‘very disturbing week' Fauci says country heading in wrong direction

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    uh oh, it took over a week of traitor trump's lies before someone admitted some truth besides Fauci long before traitor trump denies it and fires him?
    US no longer 'flattening the curve' of coronavirus pandemic, administration official says

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