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Thread: Coronavirus

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    FLA traitor Rick Scott’s grandchildren will be ‘distance learning’ when school starts as he forces yours into toxic classrooms

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    patients will be sent home to die and infect their entire family and friends if deemed too sick, Texass county says

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    Baron Trump won't be going back to daddy's private virus school but yours must ...cos learning!

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    We copy the trends that happen on the mainland including the rapid rise in numbers of infections.

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    White House denies NAZI Stephen Miller’s grandmother died from coronavirus, despite death certificate stating otherwise
    NAZI maskholes in MN Sport Swastika Masks In Wal-Mart
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    If you gather together. You gotta ask for the Lord's Blessing.

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    You got to go George Thorogood for the time being and I drink alone.

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    the traitor GOP covid-19 Bill is DOA cos
    $0 for millions facing eviction ...BUT!
    $2BILLION for F-35s
    $1.75BILLION for an FBI building
    $1BILLION for surveillance planes
    $375MILLION for armored vehicles
    $360MILLION for missile defense
    $283MILLION for Apache helicopters

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    This was bound to happen when a Coronavirus infected person breaks quarantine and walks around in public.

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    asshole Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas traitor has tested positive for the virus after refusing to wear a mask on the House floor and around the Capitol
    I shouldn't laff but LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL you POS!

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    Is it safe to ride The Bus as They have a high number of bus riders?

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    how will he blame this on Obama? traitor Herman Cain dies at age 74

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    Pelosi says House traitors who refuse to wear masks will be thrown out

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    traitor GOP plan you can't sue your employers for giving you COVID but they can sue you

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    Anytime you see an area blocked off with yellow tape and people cleaning up in hazmat suits. It's a dangerous time in the neighborhood. There has been a rise of infections in minors. That kid might be a super spreader because he was out in public with the virus.

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    House Oversight Committee finds traitor trump overspent $500 million for ventilators
    Lt. Gov Green is stressing
    traitor KKKushner had a plan for a national response that could have brought the pandemic under control, instead he favored a shambolic response
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    more systemic genocide by traitor trump NAZIS
    desperate traitor Mitch the bitch helps desperate traitor Governors finally move on C-19 basics
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