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Thread: Coronavirus

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    AK traitor congressman who ridiculed coronavirus says he has COVID-19

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    traitor assley Grassley tested positive for coronavirus

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    traitor baby to yank emergency economic support, triggering public Fed dissent

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    hater traitor Loeffler, in Georgia runoff, tests positive for coronavirus
    IRS has 1 million unprocessed returns and 3 million pieces of unopened mail after COVID-19 wreaked havoc on tax season

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    SCOTUS NAZI Justice Barrett sides with religion against science and public health SHOCKER NOT

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    FDA granted authorization to two monoclonal antibody formulations – bamlanivimab and another two-antibody combination

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    400,000 sailors are stuck on merchant vessels because of COVID, and industry leaders are pleading with Jeff Bezos to step in

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    Those two people hate Hawaii so much that risk dropping a virus bomb on the people of Hawaii. Will there be lawsuits from other passengers on their flight?

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    Two trailer park guys go 'round the outside
    'Round the outside, 'round the outside.

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    traitor Jenna Ellis has tested positive for the coronavirus

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    Almost famous. Gotta show the money maker of the face.

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    He can add this to his portfolio/

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    these frontline heroes die while traitor trump and his super spreader NAZIS live on thx to extra special treatment

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    idiot Fox Nation host Nancy disGrace and her entire family, husband David Linch, their 13-year-old twins John David, Lucy Elizabeth and elderly mother Elizabeth Grace all tested positive for COVID-19

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    OOPS! traitor baby does U-turn on plan to vaccinate senior White House officials early as vaccinations begin

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    We're considered as second class citizens again.

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