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Thread: Coronavirus

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    Gov. Ige was practicing social distancing by not talking with the state's mayors.

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    Official Gmt. $100+ virus testing kit $cams are the new thing and there's 0 reporting

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    traitor trump gives the CDC and the world his middle finger of IQ

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    here's hoping traitor trump is infected and suffers far worse than death
    so sad if it takes jackass Jared too
    or this FOX fuckhead
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    Less tourist. More hemp. I think hemp can't give you a virus.
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    no supplies? no disclosure ...from ''the most transparent President ever''

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    righty lawbreaking faux-lifers shitholing everywhere they go while whining about California lol

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    traitor trumputin sez fly and die, I couldn't care less!

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    The people of the North Shore might be too nice. The government is so mad at the vacation rentals on the North Shore that they won't send law enforcement for quarantine violators. "You're on your own, boy!" Conspiracy guy would say that they make an ideal community for a test case of community virus spread. This study would be use for data when we slowly start allowing more tourists. Remember early on during the stay at home where a tourist family was driving in Waikiki when a local guy was yelling at them for bringing the virus here, and then slashing the rental car tires.
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