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    Earlier in month (March 2020) I received two envelopes from the 2020 Census. The first envelope was slightly larger than the standard letter size while the second was a standard size envelope. Figured the first one was the actual Census form while the second was reminder or something like that. I didn't open either one until today (3/26/20) since I had free time to deal with the Census.

    Turns out both of them were invitations to go to a web site and an ID to use when entering the census information (both had the same information).

    I finished mines in about 10 to 15 minutes. It wasn't that intense compared to the 1990 Census (my first one). It didn't ask if you worked or your income, but rather if you reside somewhere else part time.

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    It was faster to complete the Census form online than 10 years ago on paper.

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