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    This green guy is really pushing to be the next goobernor.
    Even the media is pushing hard for him.
    He an emergency room doctor.
    We all know they are short handed and over worked.
    So if he really cares, why doesn't he put all his efforts with helping the sick????
    If he really cared, he would spend all his time at the hospital, instead of grand standing.
    This guy is just a show off.
    Remember the protest on Maunakea????
    He shows up in scrubs and a stethoscope.
    If that's not playing for the camera, I don't know what is.
    He's always stabbing ige in the back on everything.
    Media is always interviewing/quoting him.
    Shara Park is the head of the docd, not green.
    She should be the one we want to hear from.
    Not someone who's only goal is to be goobernor.
    Are people here so stupid they cannot see through this clown.
    Even ige is smart enough to know green is only for green.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abunaitoo View Post
    This guy is just a show off....................
    Are people here so stupid they cannot see through this clown.
    Who are we talking about here, the Orange Julius Ceasar?
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