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    I've noticed more cars parked on the street here.
    Many have not mover in a month or so.
    Looked up some of the license plates, and they are not from this area.
    Many are from town.
    I think someone is storing them here.
    Who could I contact to find out about this????

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    I wonder if those cars are rentals. The rental companies are having trouble finding places to put their cars now that there are so few tourist renting them. I remember the news reported the stadium is allowing them to park their cars there.

    How do you look up a license plate?
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    How many cars are you talking about here? Are the license plates id close together?

    Maybe these are cars people use to go to work with but since they have to stay at home, so does the cars.

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    If you have the license number, you can find the address.
    It's kind of like your regerstering it.
    Plate numbers all varied.
    I think it's either someone buying and selling, or a car storage for people not on island.
    Mostly older cars and trucks.
    One hasn't moved for months.


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