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Thread: Civil War

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    lolol Civil War monger Newt trying to disown the “Frankenstein’s monster” that he helped create

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    CHI Mayor’s proposed ordinance would no longer let police cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents if arrestees’ names are in Chicago’s gang database, if they have charges or convictions in their background, or if they have criminal warrants

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    Oath Keepers Plan ‘Bloody Civil War’ SO IMPRISON THEM FOREVER

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    here's a way to stop these moonshine goobers
    arrest of a man handling a gun while he was drunk in his own home is constitutional Ohio Supreme Court ruled

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    Black man spent 10 days in jail after he was misidentified by facial recognition

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    inciting more violence summoning supporters for a 'wild' time on the day the electoral vote will be finalized

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    NAZI president of Chicago pig union faces firing over hate posts on social media

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    KKKracker who sped his car through a crowd of protesters in Iowa City will avoid prison and erased from his record

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    Cleveland Meredith Jr. was arrested in D.C. for intentions to shoot House Speaker Pelosi “on live TV”

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    White ARMY veteran charged in shooting Black girl at Trump rally

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    The hidden story of when two Black college students were tarred and feathered

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    Phoenix pigs Upset They Forgot to 'Stomp' and 'Gas' BLM Protesters Who Were 'Leaving'
    LAPD is investigating a Valentine's image of George Floyd that was passed around with the phrase 'You take my breath away'

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    Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia

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    remember Michael Donald, murdered by the KKK in '81

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    Allensworth: The Only California Town Founded and Financed by Blacks

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    Fighting After Oklahoma Students Engage in 'Racist Taunting' of Black Basketball Players
    Texas players say they were forced to stay on field for 'The Eyes of Texas' after donor threats
    Will Smith says he's been called the N-word to his face but never 'by a smart person'

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    All-white jury returns no convictions for PIGS who allegedly brutalized veteran Black detective

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