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Thread: Civil War

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    Ledell Lee, Arkansas man executed in 2017 maintained his innocence for more than two decades on death row.
    traitor trump-sucKKKer Neil Gorsuch cast the deciding death vote with his first recorded vote as a justice on the high court

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    Efforts to Weed Out Extremists in Law Enforcement Meet Resistance

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    Retired military ass brass traitors spread election lie in attack on Biden, Democrats

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    How guns got to Chicago: at least 3 U.S. MURDER LOVING soldiers funneled weapons

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    boxing Champ; Jack Johnson
    @ 6min. was the butthurt white reaction of terrorism, murder, and burning entire cities down. their heritage.

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    the Secretive Legal Process That Shields Pigs From Charges

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    Nevada County GOP Cancels Meeting Amid Fear of Proud Boy Insurgency

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    LaRue Bratcher, a 34-year-old black Army Veteran from OKKK remains behind bars on a charge of first-degree murder more than a year after he shot and killed a white man trying to break into his marijuana grow business. With his trial date delayed until later this year, Bratcher’s family, friends and members of the Oklahoma City community are saying the murder charge is BS. “this is an injustice for the simple fact that if this was a white person inside the facility, he would not be in this situation,”.

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    A white prosecutor in Pennsylvania is refusing to make plea deals with a Black defense attorney who criticized systemic racism in the courts

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    Tranny Undercover Operative Says She Recruited Proud Buttboys for GOP traitors

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    save haters from death and they still hate their saviors lol
    Republican chair of the Missouri House committee that oversees the state’s prison system said he is sending a letter to Gov. Mike Parson requesting a pardon for Kevin Strickland, the Kansas City man still incarcerated after more than four decades for a 1978 triple homicide that prosecutors now say he did not commit

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    CA militia plotted ‘war’ against police
    true critical race theory, racist rightys oppose teaching it in schools

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    pos Judge suspends debt relief program for farmers of color after conservative law puKKKes and cracKKKer farmers sue Biden

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    butthurt-inspired death threats are terrorizing elections

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    2 Black Students Won School Honors ,,,then Came the cracKKKer Demands for a Recount
    Critical race theory is a lucrative obsession for haters because the party is 'offended by the focus on racism and racial justice

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    cracKKKer Utah Asst. AG Steven Wuthrich apologized after telling a Salt Lake City council member to "kindly die and go to hell" in an expletive-laden email, claiming that the city legislator disturbed his nap on Saturday

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    not-so Proud Boys Leader / FBI informant Enrique Tarrio Selling Black Lives Matter T-Shirts To Get By and infiltrate

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    fucKKKhead Judge Dismisses Claim traitor baby trumpussy Cleared Lafayette Square for a Photo-Op when of course he did

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    Black US farmers pissed as cracKKKer farmers’ lawsuit halts relief payments

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    Gen. Milley impressively pushes back against critical race theory being taught in the military
    Jesse Jackson and Bishop Barber arrested at filibuster protest calling out asshole Sen. Manchin

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