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Thread: Civil War

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    Police Shootings Continue Despite Protests, Reform Promises and Pandemic. pigs Using Crime Victim Laws to Shield Their Identities
    Attorneys for a Black man in Alpharetta, Ga., said their client will file a lawsuit following an incident in which he was viciously attacked by a police dog while being taken into custody
    Pineville police shot man who put down gun and ‘did what I was told to do
    My son was killed by a park ranger. Qualified immunity means I may never see justice.
    White pig avoids potential death sentence by pleading guilty to murdering Black woman he dated
    Black educator and activist Ellen Garrison Jackson Clark, the Rosa Parks of her da in an unmarked grave for 129 years

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    Black man assaulted by Indiana cracKKKers faces retaliation charges
    Second highest ranked Black female Miami cop says she’s seeking whistleblower protections from hater traitors
    comic Wayne Brady target of racist, expletive-filled voicemail at CBS Studios
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    A Chicago pig aimed a pistol within feet of 4-year-old and 9-year-old black sisters lying in bed
    another Calif. pussyass shown berating, threatening Black driver for BLM flag
    CORRUPT HATER Missouri Governor Pardons TRAITOR Couple Who Waved Guns At Protesters
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    Tennessee republiRACISTS Want to Withhold Money From Schools That Teach Critical Race Theory—Even Though They Aren't

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    ‘I was petrified’: In lawsuit, Kansas City attorney says KCPD held him at gunpoint

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    Department of Homeland Security has observed "an increasing level of activity online" by people who are calling for violence in response to baseless claims of 2020 election fraud
    but ain't doing jack shit about it
    Black Mothers Excluded From Receiving TANF Benefits For Decades Due To Racist Requirements

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    Black principal calls out racism after he was told to remove photo kissing white wife

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    The hoods are off, traitor rightys fully embracing white supremacist “replacement theory.”
    traitor Proud Boys militia group and anti-fascist Patriots clashed at a rally in downtown Portland on Saturday

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    Men charged with plotting to kidnap and overthrow Michigan's governor also had their sights on Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine

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    Another Black man is fatally shot over an argument about loud music
    hater rightys raise money on Facebook by tying migrant influx to covid surge

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    haters who show up at COVID debates wearing traitor yellow stars forfeit the right to be heard

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    Black Female Judge Receives Death Threats Over Rulings In Spears Case from brand new Britney fans lol

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    traitor Marine veteran says racist police know Lori Lightfoot 'doesn't honor and respect their sacrifice'
    Phoenix pigs passed around a coin to celebrate shooting protesters in the groin. The police chief got a 'written reprimand' for it.
    Why this former cop left the force: 'Policing is not about helping'

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    California dicKKK Charged for Sending Death Threats to Rep. Maxine Waters
    Two sheriff's deputies fired after working private security for 'defund the police' advocate Cori Bush
    Scores of pigs are refusing the COVID vaccine

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    Los Angeles Anti-Vaxx Rally Ends With asshole Stabbed, Violent Brawls

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    Reporter Attacked During Anti-Vax Rally Near City Hall by hater traitors

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    a school resource pig who slammed a Black teen to the ground at an Osceola County, Florida high school earlier this year will not face charges

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    butthurt AKKK. high school administrators ripped out a two-page spread depicting a timeline of events from the academic year. Among the high/lowlights included were the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, traitor trump's claims of a rigged election, the Jan. 6 insurrection, and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    former Pence adviser said TRAITOR trump had 4 years to help Afghan allies leave the country but Stephen Miller's 'racist hysteria' blocked it from happening
    hater Anti-vaxxers are refusing blood transfusions from vaccinated donors because they believe they're tainted

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    'bama freaKKK who called himself the 'vaccine police' told pharmacists at a Missouri Walmart that they will be 'executed' if they continued giving COVID-19 shots

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