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Thread: Civil War

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    Streisand Makes Floyd’s Daughter a Disney Shareholder

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    cracker tasers cops and isn't shot, lives to do it again cos he's white

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    Cali was the racist South of the West
    Thibodaux massecre ended black Unionizef farm labor
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    another pos bites the newly unemployed dust
    KKKhristian pukes
    ???Ex-Minneapolis cop’s lawyer says bystanders should have helped George Floyd???
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    Southern Comfort
    Protester In Albuquerque Wounded During Shooting At Rally Over Removal Of Statue

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    the pos is still there

    oh but these shits shouldn't be called NAZI goons?
    Police detain armed militia members after man is shot at Albuquerque protest
    any day traitor FranKKKlin is sad it's good day
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    how can anyone NOT want to be a KKKhristian? can't you just feel the love?
    tear it down
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    not mine, but...
    1. “It’s awful but...” - No buts, the word “But” is often used to deflect or to justify behavior. Police murdering anybody in the street is awful. Period.
    2. “I support the movement but not these disruptive protests...” - No, you don’t. You either want police to stop murdering black people in the street, or you don’t. If you do, then support the protests — even if you find them disruptive and frustrating — because that’s black people fighting for their lives.
    3. “All lives/White lives matter too..” - The conversation is specifically about black lives right now because police are murdering them in the street. Until police stop doing that, and White people stop dismissing it, it’s not “All lives matter,” it’s “MOST lives matter.” It’s not “ALL Lives” until Black Lives Matter too.
    4. “There are good cops...” - There are three categories of cops; Good cops, bad cops and complacent cops. Good cops are marching with the protesters. They’re sharing the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. They’re trying to change the system from within the system. Complacent cops are bad cops.
    5. “I don’t support the looting and destruction...” - stop acting like looting nullifies the entire protest, like looting is “just as bad.” That’s comparing someone stealing your car to someone murdering your child. Stop pretending they are. Police murdering black people in the street is definitely worse than robbing a Target.
    6. “Just because I’m white doesn’t mean my life has been easy...” Of course not. Everyone struggles, stop trying to make it about you.
    7. “I really wish they would protest peacefully...” - of course you do. They’re easier to ignore that way.
    8. “I don’t see color...” — if you don’t see their color, then you also don’t see their culture. If you don’t see color, then you erase their very identity. If you don’t see their color, then you also can’t see the pattern of violence they’re confronted with every day. If you don’t see color, then you’re blind to more than just racial injustice.
    9. “They shouldn’t have committed a crime...” - A boy who steals a can of pop from a 711 does not deserve to be shot in the back three times. A man illegally selling CD’s on a street corner doesn’t deserve to be shot to death in front of a record store. A man who runs a red light does not deserve to be shot while reaching for his registration. This isn’t about their crimes; this is about bad policing.
    10. “Black people kill white people too...” We’re talking police brutality, and the reality is, black officers are not murdering unarmed white men in the street. That seems to be almost exclusively white officer behavior.
    11. “Black people kill other black people...” - we’re not talking about criminal violence right now. We’re not discussing drug violence or gang violence or sexual violence or domestic violence or bar brawls or whatever random type of violence you’d like to bring up. The conversation is about POLICE BRUTALITY.
    12. “I support black people, but I can’t support the violence...” — you'd prefer people of color continue to be murdered by police, rather than have them rise up violently against their oppressors. That’s not support.
    13. “It’s not about race. We are all human beings...” yes, except people of color often aren’t treated like human beings. For instance, they’re being murdered in the streets like animals. On video. While people watch. While people do nothing.
    14. “The looting and arson distract from their message. It’s their fault for not controlling it...”  how about we start by blaming the police who frequently murder unarmed people of color. If they didn’t frequently murder unarmed people of color, the protest wouldn’t be necessary. The protest wouldn’t have turned into a riot, the riot wouldn’t have turned violent, and looting wouldn’t have happened. Blaming the oppressed for not better “controlling” their social unrest is asinine.
    15. “More white people are killed by cops than black people. Here are the statistics...” - those stats that you’re proudly flashing around aren’t an accurate reflection of the issue. According to data, there are approx. 234,370,202 white people In the United States. Comparatively, that same data states that there are 40,610,815 “Black” Americans. So, when your stats show 1,398 white people have been killed by officers since 2017 and only 543 Black people, what those statistics really show is .0005% of white people were killed by police in those 3.5 years, while .0011% of black people were killed by police. That means black people were killed at a higher rate. 220% higher, to be exact. Math has no racial bias. Those aren’t great stats. Stop using them to defend your position.
    16. “Black people commit more crime...” - Do they really, though? According to data released in 2017, there were 475,900 black prisoners in state and federal prisons and 436,500 white prisoners. That’s a difference of about 9%. So for argument's sake, let’s say those numbers are an accurate reflection of the amount of crime committed. If people of color commit only 9% more crime, why are they killed by police at a rate of 220% higher?
    17. “Well, the same stats you mentioned shows that even though they’re only 12% of the population, they commit 54% of the crime.” - you’re right, but those numbers don’t truly reflect the amount of crime committed, those numbers only reveal how many people are incarcerated. in the US, socioeconomic racism, which was designed to keep POC in poverty through district red-lining, lower quality education and other systemic obstacles is a huge component. Thanks to redlining and other zoning and banking practices the quality of education in “black” neighborhoods are significantly lower which means the average income for POC in those neighbors is lower and the unemployment much higher. Also, thanks to redlining, the unemployment rate, and lower-income rates, crime in those neighborhoods tends to be higher. That means those neighborhoods are patrolled by police more often. Thanks to racial bias, POC are followed, stopped, harassed and arrested more frequently than the white people who live in those same neighborhoods. What all of this means is that, when POC are arrested more frequently, they often can’t afford fancy lawyers to help them. They usually end up with Public Defenders, who are often overworked, and they often encourage POC to plead guilty in exchange for less time. Then there’s the fact that, because white people make up 73% of the population, they also tend to make up a bigger percentage of Jurors. There’s lots of factors to consider. So don’t assume that just because they make up 54% of the people in jail, that they make up 54% of the crime. The entire system is broken. That’s part of the problem.
    18. “You’re promoting violence and destruction, shame on you...”. - I don’t remember encouraging anyone to riot. I also don’t remember encouraging anyone to loot or commit arson. The truth is, looting and arson is not my preferred form of protest but remember that protesters haven’t committed most of the violent behavior. Civil unrest tends to cause chaos and confusion, and provides the perfect opportunity for poor choices. If you want to focus on the violence, try focusing on those officers who’ve killed POC in the street.

    anyone guilty of saying any of the above, then YOU are the reason it’s come to this.
    YOU are the reason peaceful protests haven’t worked.
    They haven’t worked because YOU haven’t been listening, YOU haven’t been learning.
    These violent riots are happening because YOU have left people of color no other choice, no matter how people of color have said it, taking a knee, marching the streets, bumper stickers, Banners, signs, or chants, YOU still don’t get it. That doesn’t mean you’re bad people, it doesn’t mean you’re racist, it only means you’re white, that’s not a crime ...any more than being black is.
    The difference is, police aren’t going to shoot you in the street for it.

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    he'll sue, the pig will be fired / jailed, then we'll laugh

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    ‘George Floyd — a staged event,’ says Bexar County GOP chair traitor Cynthia Brehm
    Atlanta pig who shot Rayshard Brooks charged with murder
    Obama Derangement-in-chief
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    traitor trump promises violence against peaceful protests

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    cos to Q-Tip heads like traitor Pence black lives don't matter

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    traitor trump's executive order to 'make the cities guard their monuments' won't cover racist statues

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    hit n run the favorite tactic of pussyass traitors who think they can escape lolol

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    play racist games, win racist prizes
    traitor Louser is in another panicKKK
    you first, piggies
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