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Thread: just like NAZIS

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    McDonough County, Ill Sheriff’s facing fierce criticism after Black mother of 3 was held down and stripped naked in front of male officers

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    Inmates at Indiana prison kept in 'torture' conditions, weeks of total darkness and exposure to live wires
    St. Louis police SWAT team shot and killed another Black man in 2017 during a "no-knock" raid at his home based on false info

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    Names of murdering pigs who killed Winston Smith unlikely to ever go public

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    now Get Charged with a Hate Crime just for Teasing a pig

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    due to pushback from HATER TRAITORS, Tennessee halts all vaccination efforts for teens and children for COVID but also for measles and other illnesses COS THEY'RE THE PARTY OF LIFE AND LAWS AND NATIONAL SECURITY

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    hater traitor Ulsaker allowed to skate on four crimes: second-degree assault with a weapon, fourth-degree assault of a police officer and two counts of making threats of violence
    BUT! TOUCH A FASCIST'S HATE SIGN AND A teen is charged with a hate crime after destroying a 'Back the Blue' sign in front of a police officer in Utah

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    Democratic Rep. Beatty arrested for calling for Senate action on voting rights

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    gang of NYPD pigs tased a Black man on the subway after accusing him of letting a rider into the station without paying

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    BAT is back in action after being arrested illegally by NAPA, CA Fascists
    The corrupt U.S. Justice Department declined to prosecute traitor Commerce Department chief Wilbur Ross after the department's inspector general's office found he misrepresented the full rationale for seeking to reinstate a citizenship question in the 2020 U.S. Census in congressional testimony
    Nearly 90 people will petition an Illinois judge on Tuesday to dismiss their criminal convictions, which came after they were arrested by former Chicago Police officer Sgt. Ronald Watts, who along with his ex-partner, Kallatt Mohammed was jailed in 2013 for extortion
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    DA won't charge Utah killer pig who said 'you're about to die, my friend' right before shooting man

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    a little reform butthurts pigs so much they refuse to do their jobs

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    An attorney for Charles Williams says they released the security footage to tell his side of the story in a video of a February shoot-out between police officers and a citizen in a Dallas

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    58-year-old Illinois woman answers door greeted by a hail of bullets from pigs, hit 5 times

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    N.Y. county lawmakers pass contentious bill allowing butthurt pigs to sue protesters for harassment

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    hater traitor red State coroners lie for covid denying asshole families

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    Federal prosecutors are investigating Louisiana State pig brass who obstructed justice to protect pigs seen on long-withheld body camera video punching, dragging and stunning Black motorist Ronald Greene during his fatal 2019 arrest
    Top shitholes move to protect traitor trump from Capitol attack fallout
    Video shows Clarence Gailyard handcuffed and on the ground while pig David Lance Dukes is seen stomping on him.
    New charge against Georgia pig added in new indictment
    A warden at the federal jail where Ghislaine Maxwell and R. Kelly are being held has been charged with murder in the shooting of her husband
    CNN shows all the steps taken to secure an interview with Joseph Mercola, who the NY Times identified as being among a group of "superspreaders of anti-vaccine content" with his online posts. In a voiceover that followed in the segment, despite all his bravado online Mercola suddenly had nothing to say.
    traitor Mo Brooks is seeking immunity from lawsuit over Jan. 6 Capitol attack
    butthurt hater traitor Mark Levin says Biden should be removed from office
    der fuhrer baby wants his bootlickers to carry 'trumpussy Cards'
    Anti-mask, anti-vax loons using Holocaust imagery draw outrage

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    Audio captures Independence officer punching man during arrest
    Texas Fascist Official Mocked COVID Five Days Before He Died of Virus
    Patriotic Lawmaker who ID'd rape accuser may lose committee assignment

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    More inmates sue Miami Correctional for 'horrific' conditions
    How US intelligence has helped cartels kill thousands in Mexico

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