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Thread: Hawaii's dream 'plan'?

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    Default Hawaii's dream 'plan'?

    1. The health and well-being of all island residents
    2. A healthy relationship with our natural environment
    3. A diverse island economy with more local business and a new model for tourism
    4. Economic equity and community engagement processes
    5. State and local government leadership

    damn, that's it?

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    that this admin. is so anti-pot that they still refuse to embrace industrial hemp or mention it is basically a crime against society

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    what do they envision our schools look like from now on? the norm was already unacceptable, now kids can't be allowed to gather. instead an entire revamp of the education process is needed to reflect safety, virtually an impossible task even with complete cooperation, now, with half the country being as stupid as possible it's no chance.

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    meet the new plan, same as the old plan, only worse

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    when we reclose a real plan will be critical to basic survival
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    more 0 plans heard on Insights on PBS Hawai‘i: Election 2020: Honolulu City Council District 5


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