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Thread: the so-called far Left

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    Default the so-called far Left

    it's just another lie by the traitor right which too many idiots of all brands have adopted as a reality, the old 'tell a lie enuf times and it becomes truth' nonsense. the best anyone can point to as Left extremism besides Nancy and Adam is ANTIFA lolol WHO IN THE FUCK ISN'T ANTI FASCIST?? wellllllllll, we know traitor trump and his NAZIS are all about Fascism, so there's that! shit, nobody even knows who ANTIFA is, or who is in the streets at any given time, but we do know right wing psychos are everywhere, killing, burning, looting, infiltrating, instigating, confusing, and blaming. all while their propaganda machine rages on hate media 24/7, straight out of the tyrant's playbook.

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    pigs merely being called pigs lolol FAUX NEWS pussyass; ''I can't believe they have to take that'' this is how hate media lies to your face
    putting Patriotic skin in the game
    KKKrackerboi must be ANTIFA lol
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    the far Left sure ain't dropping off pallets full of convenient bricks to throw
    this isn't the first time cops have been targeted
    cops are dying cos they've been murdering forever

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