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    Well... the forum that is. As a millennial I was raised on message boards and chat rooms. So while I am legit the new kid on the block, this site has me all kinda sentimental!

    A little about me: I am an artist and tech geek who grew up in the desolate frozen wilderness that is Hoth -erm.... I mean, Alaska. It was there that I bonded with chat rooms and message boards, because there's not much else going on in rural AK back then. After starting a family with my high school sweetheart and launching my art career, we were moved to Seattle for my husband's job. The first 4+ years in Seattle were bliss as we set down roots and my art career flourished. The last 2+ years however have been the darkest of my life. My daughter Rachel was diagnosed with brain cancer in January of 2018. The darkness culminated on February 11th when she passed in my arms at the age of 13. Through the journey we had grown to be best friends and I am so grateful for her love and incredible character that she shown for all to see. It boggles my mind how someone so young could be so wise and full of love for all. If God has us here to love, she must have finished her task early. Her life certainly reflected that. In her absence I struggle to find the way ahead, but know forward I must go.
    So here I am, trying to make new moves, no matter how small.
    I apologize if this is too heavy for a first impression, but I want to walk into this completely real.
    I look forward to getting to know you all.
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    I just realize I completely spaced the part where Hawaii ties in: Not sure where to start. For someone who doesn't live there it sure holds a lot of power over my life. On a professional level, it is the main inspiration for my art and the gorgeous landscape of the islands the focus of my passion. <3 My art is represented by several galleries in Hawaii.

    On the personal front, we usually visit several times a year as a family. But obviously with the cancer fight, and now the pandemic, all plans are scrubbed. One of those more recent plans was a trip to spread some of Rachel's ashes. She LOVED the sea, and Hawaii was absolutely precious to her. We called her our little dolphin because she took to the ocean so naturally without any coaching or coaxing. It was hard luring her from the waves at the end of the day when the time came to go home. So sharing some of her ashes with the water she so loved feels incredibly fitting. We are so eager for that time to come when we can return to the islands, soak in the healing energy, and bring our sweet girl with us. <3
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    welcome to Hawaii Threads !

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    Hi Hawaiiguy,
    Mahalo for the warm welcome. <3
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    I'm not new, but have been absent for awhile. This "hello" is to any other prior posters who have dropped by after not being here awhile. And "hi" also to those few who have been sticking to posting on HT.
    Now run along and play, but donít get into trouble.

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    Aloha Karen. Hoisting a Lagavulin in your honor :-)

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