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    being again on the verge of old mother Hubbard cupboards I ventured to walmart for stuffs knowing it would likely be wrought with confrontation with me ready to place any and all assholes under citizen arrest and sure enuf, @ 7am this morning, opening time inside walmart Keeaumoku, 1/4 of shoppers weren't wearing masks or were improperly worn, 2 who were buying cases of beer had no masks at all yet waltzed past security. no floor workers were willing to say / do anything, they said security needed to be alerted, they too said they couldn't do anything. I requested the top mgr. on duty who said those worker's statements were untrue but that he would have to confer with upper mgt. as to how they were going to deal with the overall situation of non-compliance in their stores. walmart obviously does not care, for 6mos they still can't even get sufficient basic crisis needs like 91% alcohol on shelves and now refuse to enforce a thing as we lose control of this killer. let's see if any of the local news cares to react

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    Save Money, Live Better at Your Risk!

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    KITV had a segment regarding the virus' spread and part of it regarding lax security at walmart who claimed they were trying to get more security guards hired to keep shoppers in line lolol sounds pretty pathetic for the world's large$t retailer 6mos into this pandemic. spend it on an army of workers going around sanitizing the damn store with 91% alcohol sprayed on everything all day every day if you actually give a shit or have the brains to think worth a fuck!
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    Walmart refuses to enforce its own rules on mask-wearing or the 6' separation decree


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