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Thread: rebuilding America

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    Biden to remove all Senate-confirmed US attorneys appointed during the last admin. ......except for US attorney for Delaware investigating Hunter Biden, and John Durham, who will remain special counsel looking into origins of FBI's Russia probe

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    attempts to oust Manchin and Sinema one of several projects to create a progressive agenda
    clean these NAZIS out of every nook and cranny
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    The Chamber embraces Biden and NAZIS are livid

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    IL Gov. Pritzker overhauls policing and criminal justice, eliminates cash bail system, requires officer body cams and strictly defines use-of-force

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    asshole GOP Rep. Accuses Dems of Attempting to ‘Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine’

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    The Pentagon is launching an unprecedented campaign to root out extremists in the ranks the Jan. 6 Capitol riot
    uh huh...

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