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Thread: PFFT! You Was Gone!

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    Default PFFT! You Was Gone!

    Managed to purchase a couple of versions of PFFT! You Was Gone! from iTunes.

    The version done by Archie Campbell seems to be recorded with a live audience, while the version done by The Academy Allstars seems to be done in a studio.

    In case you a wondering about this song, it was sung during some episodes of the TV show Hee-Haw. Typically there are two actors who do this bit, one sings some kind of song dealing with relationships in sad but funny way, then both actors sing the chorus that goes like this:

    Where, oh where, are you tonight?
    Why did you leave me here all alone?
    I searched the world over and thought I'd found true love,
    You met another and PFFT! You was gone!
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