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Thread: why music sucks forever

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    Default why music sucks forever

    the music industry is now essentially controlled by one right-wing traitor Trump-sucKKKing billionaire

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    A copy and paste of the first paragraph from the URL that Ron Whitfield has provided:

    The Justice Department has green-lit a proposal by Liberty Media to increase its holdings in iHeartMedia. iHeartMedia is the owner of the nationís largest collection of broadcast radio stations. This deal would expand a stranglehold on the radio market by a company that already owns and operates Sirius XM and Pandora. Liberty Media has controlling stakes in concert behemoths Live Nation and Ticketmaster. The decision has granted owner John Malone and Liberty Media a virtual 360 degree domination of the music industry via radio, streaming, concerts, festivals, and ticketing.
    If the bolded section is true, then it only means this person has controls of the largest but not the only collection of music and this article doesn't state if they are talking about the United States or the world.

    The article doesn't mention about getting music that has already been published or sources like iTunes.


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