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Thread: 2020 General Election Day

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    Default 2020 General Election Day

    Tuesday November 3, 2020 is the General Election Day.

    By Hawaiithreads' tradition this thread is usually about your experiences in casting your ballot which is still the focus but like this year's Primary Election it is mail in your vote kind of thing as opposed to going to your assigned polling place to cast your ballot.

    The only change to the tradition is to generate this thread early on as opposed to doing it on Election Day itself.

    Like I mentioned in before (in the 2020 Primary Election Day thread) I think the State of Hawaii came out ahead by doing it this way.

    Speaking for myself I mailed in my ballot earlier in the week as opposed to waiting for the last minute to mail it out like I did for the Primary Election.

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    Default Re: 2020 General Election Day

    It's the Final Countdown!

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    Default Re: 2020 General Election Day

    Believing the results in an exit poll is like when you tell the doctor you're going to eat healthy foods. But, you[re just going end up eating junk food.

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    Why make a simple thing into something that's difficult? It's like the wide receiver who makes the easy catch really hard. The basketball player who has an open shot, but waits till the defender can come over.

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    Vote early so that you can eat Pizza while sitting on the couch on Election Day.

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    It was worth it to wait hours in line even when your candidates lost. At least you didn't get a lousy t-shirt.

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