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Thread: 1/21 DC Day Of Infamy

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    about his upcoming rally on Jan. 6, the day Congress was set to certify his fair n square election loss, traitor trump, who had already promised a "wild" protest, commented: "It's gonna be a big deal, you're ready for that, right?" It was the last interaction Gen. Milley had with the worst person ever born

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    let the slap on the wrists begin! 1 felony count = 8mos

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    it's just too darn hard to prosecute even a few hard core traitors

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    some of the things we’ve learned from the 1/6 Commission in the first 24 Hours(!) of said Commission.
    traitor trump and his corrupt White House were actively trying to get the Department of Justice to overturn the election without any evidence of wrongdoing in said election.
    traitor trump kept trying to bribe officials into overturning the election.
    traitor trump's private attorneys were pressuring the DOJ to overturn the election
    traitor trump threatened DOJ officials to be loyal to him, NOT the country.
    traitor trump removed DOJ personnel who were not loyal to his cause. They actually are hired to work for the United States.
    traitor trump was ordering state officials in states he lost in the 2020 election to “find” him votes
    traitor trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was actively trying to get Attorney General Jeffery Rosen to not only take laughable conspiracy theories as factual truth, but he was also demanding the DOJ overturn a legal election solely on the mere existence of the EASILY PROVEN FALSE conspiracy theories.
    The Capitol police were attacked with intent.
    The 1/6 Insurrectionists were there to overthrow the government unless traitor trump was reinstalled as President
    The 1/6 Insurrectionists were there because they themselves repeatedly stated traitor trump told them to be there
    The 1/6 Insurrectionists were there to hurt, kill and injure anyone they thought was in their way
    The 1/6 Insurrectionists repeatedly vocalized anti-American, racist, bigoted, and anti-Christian comments
    The 1/6 Insurrectionists were terrorists
    Conservatives faced with the reality of what traitor trump and his mob did on 1/6, have ether chosen to cowardly saw nothing, or (even more cowardly) to attack the Capitol Police who were violently attacked.
    traitor righty narratives of being ‘pro-Cop,’ ‘pro-Law and Order,’ and pro-Patriotism’ are not true, only invoked when it is convenient for their political narrative.
    The police unions who usually defend police officers under attack have openly refused to support the Capitol Police (my guess is because their politics are more important than their members)
    The Far Right media has gone on the offensive to attack the police officers who were attacked on 1/6
    Gym Jordon, the pedophilic Ohio KKKongressman who the rightys demanded be part of the 1/6 Commission, after refusing to answer questions about his communications around 1/6, namely if he talked with Trump about the riots, finally admitted he had been in contact with traitor trump on 1/6 directly (and remember, the rightys knew this, helped him keep it quiet and they still were trying to get him on the 1/6 Commission).

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    police unions across the country come under scathing scrutiny
    traitor rightys still say patriotic Americans have to take the law into their own hands

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    Third Officer Who Responded to Jan. 6 Capitol Attack Dies By Suicide

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    a 4th DC police officer who responded to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol has died by suicide

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