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    For those who do want to get covid vaccine(s) - I saw an article saying that Hawaii will allow us to chose which vaccine to get when we become eligible to get vaccines (that determines which site we go to to get the vaccine). Would you rather take the Pfizer or Moderna 2 dose vaccine or the Johnson and Johnson one dose vaccine? There may be other factors to consider but I think generally all three vaccines are highly effective at preventing severe illness/hospitaliation, the J&J vaccine has a slightly lower effective rate for totally preventing covid infection, and there's the convenience of one dose rather than two doses spaced apart.

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    Already had the 2 Moderna shots, so I am done for now.

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    Updated info about vaccinations sites.

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    For me, it's going to be a choice between the Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walkoff Balk View Post
    A medical decision to be made from the information coming from a doctor or a political pundit. I have to go with the political pundit.

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    My decision on a medical issue is going to be based on who has more radio listeners.

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    Too much steroids? He look so different from his "Newsradio" days.

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    Eat all your food. People are starving in another country. Take your vaccine. People are dying from Covid in other countries.

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    Did Tucker Carlson say that he will never take the Covid vaccine?

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