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    he's had decades to prep this is and none of his admin are squawking, they all need to resign

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    Border Patrol pigs are ‘working to sabotage the Biden administration’

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    add to Biden's BS the fact he rejected firing traitor trump NAZI, SSA head Saul who's now fucking our $tim

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    Investigations Into ICE's Mishandling of COVID-19

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    realities[0]=AZWPkmlk3qjaXg-sLmAD2SKDfXZzjrumwoAyCvxGsSfLEGsCK-8GC6iBius-dtXjjUr6XzDONy5S6QV5R4bWsQT97gDvdIgFfeWMT2p3SVW56H ATsHkiZ8mVFdJD-Ca7Z0GvbDTXvYIMTOeDWPmyKCoK&__tn__=R]-R

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    Blinken; Biden inherited an immigration system that was 'broken intentionally'
    Breakdown at the border

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    ICE detention facilities have infection rates five times that of prisons and 20 times that of the general population


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