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Thread: Biden's border

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    Default Biden's border

    he's had decades to prep this is and none of his admin are squawking, they all need to resign

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    Border Patrol pigs are ‘working to sabotage the Biden administration’

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    add to Biden's BS the fact he rejected firing traitor trump NAZI, SSA head Saul who's now fucking our $tim

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    Investigations Into ICE's Mishandling of COVID-19

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    realities[0]=AZWPkmlk3qjaXg-sLmAD2SKDfXZzjrumwoAyCvxGsSfLEGsCK-8GC6iBius-dtXjjUr6XzDONy5S6QV5R4bWsQT97gDvdIgFfeWMT2p3SVW56H ATsHkiZ8mVFdJD-Ca7Z0GvbDTXvYIMTOeDWPmyKCoK&__tn__=R]-R

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    Blinken; Biden inherited an immigration system that was 'broken intentionally'
    Breakdown at the border

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    ICE detention facilities have infection rates five times that of prisons and 20 times that of the general population

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    pos HHS secretary dismisses reports of unsanitary conditions, distressed migrant kids at massive emergency shelter
    U.S. diplomats and staffers suffering from "Havana Syndrome" are warning that injured workers are still being denied proper care

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    ICE children testing positive for the coronavirus rises

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    Kent Council threatens Government with legal action in bid to disperse unaccompanied migrant children

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    Crying 10yr old Who Approached Border Agent in Viral Video Reunited with Mom
    jerKKK who confronted inter-racial couple suspended from teaching at Ngee Ann Poly
    shitty Supreme Court rules against immigrants with temporary status

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    hater Arizona AG urges ICE NAZIS to reverse move to turn hotel into migrant center
    human smugglers tried taking boy back when his mother didn’t have enough cash in Georgia

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    Migrant dies after crossing border into Sunland Park
    FBI director confirms Mexico cartel activity 'spilling over' into US amid border crisis

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    ICE NAZIS placing families in hotel to avoid releasing onto Arizona streets

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    asshole Biden admin again flying migrants who cross border in one place to another place before expelling them


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