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    Yes, The Office’s Ellie Kemper Was Beauty Queen of a Racist Ball—and She Was Escorted by a Bush (

    'Friends' executive producer says he doesn't regret the show's all-white cast after years of diversity criticism (

    Elle Kemper was the star of "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" tv series. It was a very diverse show with her character have a gay black roommate. And, her love interest were an Asian male and also a black male. Her best friend was a white woman raised by a Native American adopted parents. Even a liberal like Bill Maher criticize WOKEs as having a lack of common sense.

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    Oh no. Does that mean I can't watch pro sports? The NFL,NBA, and MLB were created during segregation. Those leagues have a history of racism. At least I can watch recent created sports. MMA, those acrobatic skating and skiing sports, and competition playing video games are okay. Surfing would pass because Hawaii wasn't a state yet.

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    Truth serum. How many who disagree with what Kamala Harris said live in a diversity community? There's a reason why on election day coverage there's a political pundit making predictions on counties and its ethnic breakdown voting preference. People in general live in a community who look like themselves.

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    Yeah, yeah, that's not the ticket.

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    You're going to miss "the round mound of rebound" when he's gone.

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    The photo showed that he used brown color makeup as a brown skin comedian. I wonder how many who got offended has "Mainland Privilege" and like to tell local people how to think.

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    What's gonna be the political spin on this song?

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    That Filipino soap opera tv show on Kiku only get light skinned Filipinos as leads.

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    Why are they making liberal comedian Joy Behar not make jokes?

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    This isn't ESPN. This sounds like a season of "Survivor" with all the backstabbing.

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    Maria Taylor or Rachel Nichols? I gotta be honest. No make diff.

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    When I hear the word "hoodlum." I picture 1950's Greasers with slick back hair and snapping their fingers in a dance off in a rumble.

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    Did coach Popovich get roasted that he let USA lose for diversity in world basketball?

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    There's been a trade. The blaccent for the long straight black hair wig.
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