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    I did see Roland Emmerich's Midway when it came out in the theaters when it was first released sometime in 2019.

    I purchased the movie from iTunes sometime ago and I managed to watch it last night (6/4/21).

    While the bulk of the movie does go into the Battle at Midway during the first week of June 1942, it does show earlier events like in 1937 where a US Navy officer by the name of Edwin Layton is in Japan as an assistant attaché to a British naval officer where both of them meet with their Japanese counterparts.

    Layton is also present at Pearl Harbor in 1941 when the Empire of Japan attacks the base. For the rest of the movie is there interfacing Admiral Nimitz and the intelligence section on the base.

    The movie also touches on the crew and aviators of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise as it is involves itself in the various missions it experiences from Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raid, Coral Sea (however it didn't arrive in time to help with the battle) and of course Midway.
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