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E Kala Mai!

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To join the conversation at HawaiiThreads, you must register, validate your account (to ensure it is linked to a valid e-mail address), and then request approval via e-mail.

While we love meeting new people, we're also careful about who comes into our living room. Because all online communities, including message boards, must contend with spammers, trolls, and pranksters, we are currently manually moderating all new members. This means that after setting up and validating your account, you'll have to introduce yourself. After we've gotten to know you better, we'll allow you to reply to and start new threads.

In order to expedite this approval process, please be sure to tell us how you found HawaiiThreads and what you hope to contribute or learn from being a part of our 'ohana. While we don't require your real name, the more you can share the better. Where are you from? What do you do? As locals would ask, "Wea you wen grad?"

It would be especially helpful if you could tell us about your memberships and participation in other online communities. Whether it's a MySpace, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile, or an account on another social network or message board, please tell us about it.

If you are using a free e-mail provider such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, or GMail, we'll unfortunately require at least some of the above credentials. Unfortunately, these e-mail services are too easy to abuse.

We know that this introduction process is a bit of a hassle, and more than a little nosy. We apologize. Unfortunately, past troubles with spammers and trolls have required us to take this extra step.

I hope you'll find it worthwhile, however. Think of it this way: you'll have a head start on your public introduction on the site.

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