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Thread: BJ Penn as Gov. of HI

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    Penn hints at run for Gov of Hawaii
    que the yuuuuge rolling eyes... this is the kind of bullshit that has 0 business here in Hawaii or anywhere, it's seemingly spawned straight out of traitor trump's ass; go for high office on name recognition alone spewing the exact same baseless promises and hyperbolic nonsense that appeals to right wing authority-loving babybrains. they'll cheer anything stupid if it's packaged simply enuf. what's he going to do next, carry a gun, spray himself orange, and grow a weird hairdo? desperation makes people do crazy things and like traitor trump who has massive anger issues, petty spite obsessions, and visions of Napoleonic grandeur, a thorough, honest, and open psyche evaluation (hello lie detector) would no doubt be revealing and possibly devastating. not that it would lose him a single prospective vote, nope, that mob would want him punching out anybody he debates. and like tt, you can't underestimate the seething hate out there for bloodthirsty revenge against the deeeeeep staaaaaate or big bad lefty boogeymen who have been so mean to them, you can't take them lightly, when cloaking rage behind faux freedoms you get what we saw storming the DC Capitol, you get blood in the streets. he is not a uniter, if he starts quoting scriptures then chisel it in stone, he might as well wear red hats made in ChYYYna that say MAKE AINOKEA GREAT AGAIN lol instead of kissing babies, will he be coughing on them? JUST SAY NO, laugh, and walk away.

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    And who will be Lt. Gov ? Bu Laia

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    BJ Penn can't catch Gov. Ige in the ring. You saw Gov. Ige go around the ring without really answering questions.


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