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Thread: How long will Deliliah last on KUMU Lite 94.7?

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    Default Re: How long will Deliliah last on KUMU Lite 94.7?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie's Market View Post
    When I was surfing the radio dial in my car today, I thought my ears were deceiving me when I heard Foxy's Get Off emanating from 94.7. I know the song is over 30 years old. But still,...

    Definitely not your father's KUMU.
    Too bad cuz I loved my father's KUMU with all the Mantovani, Gleason and others that provided that soothing elevator music...
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    Default Deliliah - Now on KRTR 96.3 FM

    Quote Originally Posted by IBadget View Post
    Well Delilah recently left KUMU Lite 94.7, don't know exactly when, but I just noticed it today. Rico takes Delilah's place with his "KUMU Quiet Storm." So far I love it, hearing love songs I haven't heard in a long time, and I don't have to put up with the preachy love talk that Delilah has to offer. Way to go KUMU Lite 94.7!
    Interestingly enough, Delilah's syndicated show has been picked up by KRTR 96.3 FM.

    I first noticed a couple of weeks ago during a late night drive home. For a moment I thought someone had changed the radio tuner to KUMU! However, a quick check confirmed that it was indeed KRTR 96.3.

    Right after that, one of Delilah's customized promo spots aired, something along the lines of: "I'm so glad to be back on the air in Honolulu on KRTR 96.3!" So it sounds like there must have been at least a brief hiatus between the time that KUMU dropped her syndicated show before KRTR picked it up.

    Delilah seems like a nice person with a great radio voice...
    But her show has way too much chatter and not enough music for what I want at that hour of the night. And as others have previously mentioned, the "flavor" is a little too syrupy sweet for my taste, IMHO.

    I've happily switched over to Rico on KUMU's "Quiet Storm" for my night drive listening! Also great to know that the show is live and local, BIG plus!

    To be, or musubi... What was da question?

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