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Thread: Finding

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    Google. I absolutely love forums and have been looking for a cozy forum place full of hawaii people, I found this one and ill be staying. I love places I can learn from also.

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    I found this site while reading the Star Bulletin online. There was an article about the site, and I thought that I'd check it out.

    I'm self employed and REALLY behind on work, but can't help but check in every now and then to get acquainted with the forums.

    I'm new to forums =/.

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    I believe I was looking on a search engine for links that would reveal stories or tales of mainland people who eventually find that they have no choice but to move back to the mainland for one reason or other.

    I have only visited Oahu and Kauai on four occasions-- the last time being over a year ago when the prices were fairly enticing. The last previous to that was 3 years earlier. I'm glad I got the chances when I did.

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    I was using search engines to explore the history of Hualalai snow events.

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    Dumb me. I thought this thread was about someone having TROUBLE finding HT, and never read it. So, I chime in. I was researching the word haole on google, and found a MOST interesting thread on haole portuguese (NOT!) because earlier in the day there was a conflict where some portuguese were calling me 'haole.'

    (There's a phrase: 'Hawaiian at heart' - for some people <you know who> we need the phrase 'Haole at heart.')

    Sorry this took only 3 years......

    BTW: I realize I should have capitalized Portuguese..... sorry - leaving it for effect - but do we capitalize haole? Haole?
    Maybe we should capitalize Local, as well? Kama`aina?
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    Cool Re: Finding

    I was looking for something about Hawaii on Google (I forget what) and it led me here.

    Suzanne Lanoue

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