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The irony of it all is that my current stash is going to expire on Dec. 15, 2009. I was planning to open a cup of Easy Mac and then add today's can to that but it turns out all of the Easy Mac that I purchased in Summer or early Fall expired in October.
No worries, helen. Eat up! I rarely pay attention to expiration dates; I pay attention to my nose. If it is rancid or bad, you will know.

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saute chopped garlic & onion; add sliced vienna sausage & cook til it's close to your level of done. add chopped tomatoes & douse w/patis. you may add scrambled eggs to this if you want & cook til eggs to your liking or you can just work w/the vienna sausage sans eggs. either way, pile upon rice (add ketchup, tabasco, shoyu, whatever) & be happy that your tummy will shortly be satisfied.

the tomato, onion, garlic & patis treatment is called sarciado, if i'm not mistaken.

i also do vienna sausage kim chee stir fry.
sounds good! I have never tried cooking with viennas!

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We used to stuff the vienna sausage into those round kamaboko with the hole in the middle, slice it up and eat it as pupu. Ono you know!
I need to find that kamaboko.

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I think Vienna Sausage is perfect as emergency food. Always keep a bunch of cans handy. When I do eat them, I usually just add shoyu and sugar (or Mirin). I also like them sliced in scrambled eggs, served over rice, with shoyu.

Yum! Sorry, TG, I am a great fan of canned meats. The only one I don't like is corned beef. (Oh, and low-sodium Spam and viennas, and the turkey version; another thread altogether.)