Perhaps fitting given that is celebrating its first birthday, you may see more "server too busy" messages as tweaks are made both by me and my webhost to better optimize this and other sites I run. We've been moved to a different box, and I'm being "strongly encouraged" to consider a more robust hosting plan (to the tune of $150/mo.). Before it gets to that, though, we're tweaking. It's not the bandwidth or the storage, but the amount of activity... and no, it's not all

At least, I don't think so.

In the mean time, in case the red flag goes up while you're posting, be sure to copy every message you're about to send to your clipboard... in case you have to resend it again. (Actually, hitting 'Reload' should call it up again, but you never know.)

I aplogize for the irritation, and I assure you that we'll get this baby humming along just right, real soon now.