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Thread: Geocaching on the Big Island

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    Default Geocaching on the Big Island

    It's been a few months since I've moved to the Big Island, and between this list and the online forums I haven't seen much activity at all. Nor have there been very many listings of new caches from I've recently purchased a new four-wheel drive vehicle and am ready to head out after all the caches here on the Big Island.

    My question and concern is about the lack of activity on the Big Island. Are the caches maintained? Are there any geocachers who actively cache on the Big Island? Any tips, hints or advice?



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    Eastside is stronger than the west. All the caches are pretty much maintained well lots of nano and micros, but all types are represented.

    Waimea and kohala also have quite a bit with kona the least. We are a laRge group on the eastside around the UHH you can count at least 70
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