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Thread: Sought if not Found: July 2005

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    Default Sought if not Found: July 2005

    Why not delve into the server logs of to see just what people are looking for when they end up here? If you're curious, here are the search queries that lure folks in -- whether or not we've got anything they're actually looking for. The numbers in parenthesis are the search term's rank in June:

    01 (04): "dog the bounty hunter" (14: "dog bounty hunter")
    02 (01): "makino chaya"
    03 (05): "north shore fox" (05: "north shore on fox")
    04 (09): "hawaii threads" (15: "hawaiithread")
    06 (17): "mcdonalds mcdeals"
    07 (13): "harmonics laminate flooring"
    08 (--): "how to make sticky rice"
    09 (--): "stupid factory"
    10 (18): "slipstream xp"
    11 (14): "hawaii forum"
    12 (02): "hawaiian telecom"
    13 (--): "jodi leong"
    16 (--): "witch doctor song"
    17 (--): "message box in yahoo chat on a mac"
    18 (--): "chicken long rice"
    19 (--): "house md dvd"
    20 (08): "mickey mouse"

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    Default Re: Sought if not Found: July 2005

    So let me get this straight. A user gets to HawaiiThreads, they do a search, the text that they enter in the search gets placed in a log file and every month you take the 20 most numerous search entries and post it here?

    So in a typical month how many search entries get generated?

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    Default Re: Sought if not Found: July 2005

    No. Ryan's webhost keeps track of arrivals to HawaiiThreads via search-engine referrals, and Ryan takes the top twenty search-terms and posts them here once a month. So if you search for "the terrorists will attack on Sunday" on Google, and then click the link to the article on HawaiiThreads, it is logged and counted.

    The webhost also keeps track of other referring sites, as when you click to HawaiiThreads from a link on another website, such as HawaiiStories.
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